Enter the dungeon of Ouroboros, and discover the secrets of your past and heritage.

This is an ongoing project, continuing from its first release during the 50-hour JimJam #2 game jam. The game is not fully featured yet, but will update semi-regularly.

Built by a team of 4 people, Blank Canvas, FMProductions, Stella, and Grumpledorf. All assets were made by us and compiled together on Unity.

Blank Canvas - Sprite Artist

FMProductions - Programmer

Stella - Sprite Artist, Programmer, Sound Designer

Grumpledorf - Programmer

Install instructions

If you are trying to play the jam version, please play this on VERY HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW, or VERY LOW for it to work properly and load the graphics! No special setup needed for the updated version.


Ourobound (Update 1) 24 MB
Ourobound (JimJam #2) 22 MB

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